This day has been fun but very stressful, but it has also been a good experience!!!

Jane Doran 10c
Today when we did the BBC school news report i was in the group wich was covering school news. We covered two storys , on
i really enjoyed my BBC school news report day . We got a chance to see what its like to be real news reporter. I didnt realise untill today how stressful it really is to be apart of a news team , and how working to a dead line is not easy.

kerry Burns
This day has been very fun but also stressful, it has also been a brilliant experience.

Jane Doran
it was an enjoyable experience and i am glad that
Today was very hard but for the bulid up to today and all the work we put in over the past 6 weeks we knew we had to push throiu
i think this was fun and it gave me experience
Today has been a little crazy and more than a little stressful! But the girls have worked incredibly well handling difficult interviews, some with prominent politicians, with poise and maturity. I've been really impressed. We're still working manically t