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Our school has always been interested in charity work, and fundraising, and this year, our school has decided to it a step further. Some of the teachers’ here at St. Dominic’s having been organising a trip for teachers and some senior pupils to do charity work in Zambia. The whole Zambia group have been doing constant fundraisers from the start of the year, and have been trying to raise enough money to reach their target of £20,000. All their many bun sales, balloting and even their teacher talent show has paid off, and they are now very close to reaching their money target. They have raised a majority of their money from doing a ‘Cash for Clobber’ charity, involving pupils to bring in bags of old clothes, shoes, or materials, and they have been balloting things like Rihanna tickets, and hotel vouchers, which generated a lot of interest, and raising even more money. They are now finishing up their fundraising and are preparing to leave for Zambia next month with St. Mary’s Boys School, where they plan to make life better for the people of Zambia.

We talked to, Ciara Chapman and Megan Aimworth two Upper Sixth pupils taking part in Project Zambia.

Lauren, our interviewer asked them –

Why did you originally agree to take part in Project Zambia?

Megan said, - We wanted to help out the less prviliged.

What sort of work will you being doing there and who will you be helping because of it?  

Ciara said – We will be helping to building and develop schools and hospitals for children and the less fortunate citizens.   

Have you found it challenging to arrange, and what challenges do you expect to find when you get there?

Megan said – It will be hard to have to go to the see the children, but we are not allowed to give them anything, so they won’t receive any toys or washing things from us.

Ciara said – Yeah and just seeing all the hard and terrible conditions that the children and the people have to go through will be hard to witness.

Interviewer – Lauren

Article written by Lauren

Some girls doing Cash for Clobber

Interview with Mrs.Mc Cann.

We the pupils of St.Dominic’s 10c, took part in a school news telling day on the 24th of March 2011.

We had a topic of school news, one story which we decided to write about was how our school (St. Dominic’s Grammar) was placed in the top ten schools in Northern Ireland.

We asked our principal Mrs .Carol McCann how she felt about this honour, she replied that she was ‘delighted and it was even more of a privilege to be the only all girls school within the top ten’.

We also asked her if she felt the school would improve academically and if she thought pupils would strive to keep this up, she told our reporter Aine that she would like her opinion on this and Aine replied ‘I felt that it was an honour to be in the top ten and that we should keep up this high standard’

Story written by Jennifer and interviewer was Aine.

We also thought due to being in the top ten school’s in Northern Ireland, does she think that there would be more people wishing to attend this school, she explained to Aine ‘I feel that it’s not only being in the top ten which makes students want to come here, it’s also the lovely girl and staff.’

Aine was the interviewer and Jennifer wrote the report.