The forecast for the UK today is , dry and sunny with Early mist and fog patches clearing. Although, with cloudier sky’s over parts of Northern UK. Sea fog in the English Channel and Irish sea may drift into costal areas at times.

The forecast for tonight is mostly dry but with cloud increasing in the northern and later on eastern parts. Grass frost and fog patches will mainly affect parts of western Britain.

The forecast for friday is Mostly dry with sunny spells but cloudier with some light rain in the far southwest; and possibly in Northern and eastern Britain.

 The Outlook for Saturday to Monday is that is will be Becoming colder in the northeast on Saturday, bringing some light rain into eastern parts. It’s set to be mostly dry and bright from Sunday, although remaining more unsettled in the north, and some overnight frosts returning.  

That’s the weather for today, thanks for reading.

Recently there has been a lot of unusual weather in the world , like the recent earthquake and Tsunami in Japan and also the flooding in Australia, and even closer to home the weather in Ireland, like a few weeks ago, it was snowing in late February /early march , Courtney is going to talk more about the effects of climate change. 
Scientists have seen a link between climate change and the flooding in Australia, Climate change has likely intensified the monsoon rains that have triggered record floods in Australia's Queensland state, scientists said on Wednesday, with several months of heavy rain although research suggests that changing climate has the potential to influence earthquakes in some parts of the world.and storms still to come. Th  Japanese earthquake was not cause by climate change