Gaddafi Keeps up the Assaults on the Rebel Cities

A British submarine launched missiles against the air-defense systems of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi as fighting has been continuing in Libya  after a fifth night of air strikes.

During the night, in Tripoli, aircraft fire lit up the sky, and several loud explosions could be heard. Coalition aircraft hit a fuel depot in Tripoli.

In Misrata, a city that has been under siege for several weeks, government tanks have been bombing the area near the hospital and more than a dozen people where killed in the most recent conflicts.

 In Ajdabiya , there have also been reports of fighting between some rebels and Gaddafi supporters. Local residents are fleeing the town.

One resident has said pro-Gaddafi forces have seized control of the city's port, where there are thousands of trapped foreigners trying to leave.

Coalition air strikes and missiles seemed to spoil Gaddafi's attempts to overthrow his opponents, at least for now.

Reports have just came in that a French warplane has shot down a Libyan plane near the western city of Misrata, which has been under seige for weeks now.
Fresh fighting has meanwhile been reported in Misrata, as well as further east in Ajdabiya – where locals again told of shelling, gunfire and houses on fire.

                                                                   News Story: Portugal’s Leader Quits After Vote

The prime minister of Portugal, Jose Socrates resigned after opposition parties rejected his final attempt to start a strict budget aimed at preventing the European economic union’s weakest economy from plummeting into chaos.

Prime Minister Jose Socrates

All opposition parties united to overcome the prime minister’s proposals in a parliamentary vote, saying the budget strain went too far for the European leaders.

But their decision means that Portugal is likely to trigger a bailout like the rescue packages Greece and the Republic of Ireland had to accept last year.

In keeping with Portugal's foundation, Mr Socrates formally submitted his resignation to Portugal's president. The prime minister's resignation ended the Socialist government's six-year period in power.

EU leaders gathered in Brussels for a meeting aimed at stopping the eurozone debt disaster from spreading, one day after Portugal's parliament rejected a strictness budget, which prompted the resignation of PM Jose Socrates.

In the UK, oil industry figures showed that tens of thousands of people will lose there jobs due to a tax on North Sea oil producers as part of the Budget announced by Chancellor George Osborne.